The JDHS Dance Team has a long colorful history at the Juneau-Douglas High School changing both its name and performance styles over time. With its original roots as the high school "Glee Club", the team began performing the traditional slower-paced drill formations as the "JDHS Drill Team". The team was the regular half time show at the JDHS basketball games as well as regular competitors at regional and state high school competition.

The team started drawing the attention of schools around the western states as they competed in west coast, national and international competitions, The team was distinctive as they broke out of the traditional drill formations and began a faster-paced energy-packed performance style. The performances started incorporating more dance moves, (keeping pace with the trend of other competitive teams), resulting in the changing the team name to The JDHS Dance/Drill Team in 1999 and finally to JDHS Dance Team in 2000. The team still prides itself for performing a very traiditional, precise "Military March"; wows the local (and regional) crowds with their "Light March", (Performed in the dark with flashlights and glowsticks on jumpropes - a tradition since 1963), and stages a wide variety of dance routines including hip hop and jazz. The JDHS Dance Team was the first Alaskan sports team to be featured on ESPN two years in row with their wins in UDA National Compeittion held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 1999 & 2000.

In 2014, our dancers went on the National stage and competed in Orlando Florida at the ESPN Sports Center in Disney World. This is the first time in almost a decade that the JDHS Dance Team has competed at this level and the team made it to the semi-finals.



Our History

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