JDHS Dance Team Parent Volunteers

The Juneau-Douglas High School Dance Team is comprised of 21 very tough, very hard working and very dedicated dancers with the goal of being the best at what they do. They endure almost daily practices ranging from 2-4 hours or longer along with weekend dance clinics that can last as long as 13-14 hours per day. They go to clinics fully loaded with snacks and meals, clean gear & equipment, and then they come home exhausted, hungry and very sore.

For these ladies, there is an ace up their sleeve, a secret weapon that never fails them... their moms (and dads). It is their parents that prep the meals and gear, it is the parents that encourage them throughout the dance season and it is the parents who have the meals, hot bath with epsom and the empathy when these ladies come home at the end of that very long day. On clinic weekends this routine can begin as early as Thursday evening and last into the late hours on Sunday. But there is much more that the parents do than this.

Parents are also responsible for assisting in fundraising efforts, maintaining the website, helping the dancers with their "thank you" cards, purchasing or creating props, helping with dance routine costumes, putting together the famed end of season "Showtime" events book, planning for trips and chaperoning the dancers, taking and gathering photographs, providing chauffer services, and much, much more.

Parent volunteers represent the backbone of operations behind the scenes. While they're careful to not get in the way, they are an essential part of what makes the JDHS Dance Team so successful. They have been around since the beginning and will continue to serve for generations to come.

Meet the Parents

Olive Endicott
Olive Endicott


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