The JDHS Dance Team Dads (More than a ton of fun)

2014 JDHS Dance Team Dads

Many people have asked when and WHY the Dad's Drill Team got started. Here's the story. Prior to 1995, there were actually a number of years when JDHS had a "Guy's Drill Team". Usually that meant that several guys from JDHS got together and did one routine, and often it was for Southeast Basketball Tournament specifically. Over the years, many of those same guys partnered up with JDHS Dance/Drill and performed Co-Ed Routines. Always alot of fun (and alot of challenge) working with the guys and girls together!

1995 was a very busy year. That year the JDHS Dance (then JDHS Drill) Team planned their first "show" type routine for SE Tournament. The Dads constructed dressing rooms that could go right on the floor for the performance, the routine had several costume changes in it, and it was the first year that more advanced styles of dance were included. This was also the first year that the team shot "streamers" in the air at the end of their routine. They did so out of devices that the Dads constructed. This routine was taken on the road to Sitka for Southeast Tournament and Anchorage for State Tournament. Then, the team also travelled to Miss Dance Drill USA in California, where they won 3 National Championships! In the midst of all this fun was alot of hard work. Perhaps some stress. The coaches cooked up an idea to perk the girls up, build morale, and create a nice diversion from all the hours in the gym. They got the Dads together and asked them to learn a short routine to surprise the girls with at the end of one of their long practices. They did get together, and with the help of JDHS coaches and alumni, learned an entire "Drill" routine.

Imagine the surprise when the girls were asked to sit on the bleachers for a special guest performance! As the story goes, the Dads had to do the routine twice that day because the girls were in such shock, and were so excited, that they missed half of it the first time. We are not saying they were laughing so hard they missed it - we are saying in their pure joy and surprise it went by too quickly. This was a fun day - and the Dads had put in a great deal of work. Coach Leslie Dahl then cooked up an even better idea. This is where, when they are telling the story the Dads like to say they were "conned". Leslie's side of the story is how could you NOT share this with the public, especially with all the hours devoted to it? So, the Dads were asked (booked without their knowledge) to perform in the show. They were listed on the program as a "special guest performance" and called themselves "More than a Ton of Fun". It was a complete hit of course!!

The next year the Dads did not come together for a routine. The JDHS Dance Team fans were so disappointed, and there was an outcry "where are the Dads?". So, in 1997 the Dads were pulled together again for the express purpose of being in SHOWTIME that year. They have been in every SHOWTIME since then with the exception of one, making this coming year the 23rd year of the Dad's Drill Team.

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