JDHS Dance Team Manager

2014-15 JDHS Dance Team Managers

The JDHS Dance Team can't survive without it's Team Manager. The Manager is responsible for caretaking, distributing and tracking of all costume pieces, they assists the coaches with all types of administrative tasks, and most importantly they are in charge of the team's music. Returning for her second year, Kuelene Tupou is already carrying the load and making things happen!

At practices the manager run the practice stereo, and this year's manager Keulene Tupou is very skilled at finding just the right section in the music when the team is practicing a particular part of a routine. The team owns its own sound system and the manager set it up for each performance, adjusts the sound to the best quality, play the music for the performance, take it down and stores the stereo - then do it all over again next time.

The philosophy of JDHS Dance is that our managers are a critical part of our TEAM. They are just as important to our success as every dancer in costume. There are too many duties to list here but in essence the manager helps make the entire program run smoothly. They assists both the team and the coaches. They are particularly cheerful, patient and hard working, and are on top of every detail. We appreciate and love our Team Managers, and wouldn't be a TEAM without them!

Kuelene Tupou



Studio Photos courtesy of Phil Loseby

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